InstantHandz Service Provider Registration and App Help


To make signing-up easy for all users, Customers and InstantHandz Providers, InstantHandz provides multiple ways to sign-up.

  • Your Google account

  • Your Facebook account

  • Sign-up new

  • (Using your Google or Facebook accounts allows you to safely sign-up with a login and password you’re already familiar.)


Multi-factor authentication

  • For a seamless and secure login, InstantHandz will confirm that you are who you are via your Google or Facebook credentials. We will also confirm your identity via One Time Passcode(OTP). OTP Verification verifies your Email Address/Mobile Number by sending verification code(OTP) during registration.


Forgot Password After Sign-up

  • A link is provided to allow you to reset your password via email.  Please make sure your email within your account is current and up to date.  If you have not received the password reset within 10 minutes, please check your spam folder. If this does not work, email .


After you’ve completed your sign-up it’s time to complete your Service Provider Profile.

  • Once You’re in:

    • Tap the Pencil icon to add one main Profile picture of yourself. In this section you can also change the name you want people to identify you with. Tap the dropdown arrow to add Services you can help with.  You can add multiple services.  Each service you’ve selected will show green.  Tap the green OK button.

  • You’ll be prompted immediately to confirm your profile details:

    • Verify accuracy or enter cellular phone number. Cell phone number must be accurate to receive text OTP passcode verification. 

    • Verify accuracy or email address. Email address must be accurate to receive email OTP passcode verification.

    • Password – enter new, keep existing, or edit your password. Password must be Six or More Characters, Password should contain One Alpha, One Uppercase, One Numeric, One Special Character.

    • Portfolio pictures – Add up to four pictures of work you’ve completed in the past.  This is where you can showcase your past work to customers.  

    • Price Per Hour – Enter the Hourly rate you charge for your services. (Keep in mind, these are your neighbors, be sure to provide fair pricing.)

      • Negotiable – Click the Negotiable icon and it will change from grey to green.  This allows customers the ability to negotiate a Total Price for a job.  This is optional, but it could be in your best interest to make this option available to offer your services to more customers.

    • Find My Location – enabling ‘Find My location’ will let Customers find you quickly and allows you to map turn-by-turn directions to a customer’s Service Location.

    • Address edit option – If you want to be more specific with your location, simply tap the pencil icon and a live Google map opens. At the top of the map enter new address, or any combination of City, State, Zip Code or Physical address. Select the new geo located address toward the bottom of the screen.

    •  Available Now – This allows you to be available on-demand. By tapping on this icon and turning it to green you show customers that you’re available to help immediately. When available, selecting this option is highly recommended.

    • Available Days and Hours – When you’re not immediately available, be sure to allow customers the ability to book you in the future.

      • Available Days - Tap the Pencil icon to edit your Available Days.  You can list yourself available;

        • Monday-Friday or

        • Seven Days a Week or

        • Manually select random days

      • Available Hours – simply tap above the green line and choose your hours available. 

    • Set-up Payment/Payout Method and Associate Fees

      • Bank Account - After tapping this option you will see a screen that allows you to enter your Bank account details. Be sure to complete ALL fields to ensure timely payment for jobs completed.

      • Fees – For each job completed, InstantHandz charges a 15% fee of total amount collected for each job.  InstantHandz will remit Payout to your bank account less its fees.  (Example; If you charge $1 for a completed job, InstantHandz will collect .15 cents and deposit .85 cents into your account.)

      • Payouts - Payouts are electronically transferred from InstantHandz to your account of record within 24-48 hours.  Receipt of fund can vary depending on your bank or financial institution.


  • Finalizing Your InstantHandz Provider registration

    • After you’ve submitted your Provider sign-up request, the InstantHandz team will review your application to verify that you are who you are.  To provide peace of mind for ALL within the InstantHandz community, we complete a basic background check for ALL Service Providers as referenced in our terms and service

    • You will be notified of approval within 24-hours of your sign-up.  

    • On approval, you will receive an email stating that you’ve been verified.  At this point you’re ready to start helping your neighbors!


  • Booking Requests

    • You will receive InstantHandz app notifications when your help is needed.

    • Click on the notification that says “Customer booked your service successfully”.  This will take you into the Job Request Details screen where you’ll see:

      • Picture of the work the customer needs help with

      • Customer’s Service Location / address

      • A detailed description of work needing help with

      • When Customer needs help; Immediately or future Date/Time

      • Estimated hours to fix issue

      • Estimated/or Negotiable Price

      • Accept – allows you to accept Booking

      • Decline – lets you decline the job for one of two reasons; Price Not Accepted or Not Available. If you decline a job, the customer will be sent a “declined” message.  If you decline a job because of Price, the customer is advised to resubmit with new Negotiable price. Note: To maintain high quality standards for the entire InstantHandz Community, you are allotted three Declined job requests within a given month. If you exceed this amount your account will be placed on hold for review. Each new calendar month starts over your declined count.


  • After Accepting Booking Request

    • A live map is provided to show turn-by-turn directions to the customer’s Service Location.  Click on the InstantHandz icon above the map to get turn-by-turn directions.

    • Tap the green “Start” button when you start the job.

    • Tap the “Click here when job is completed button” when the work is completed.

    • Send Payment request to Customer – Before submitting payment request to customer, be sure to review the hours and price. If price or hours are incorrect or need to be edited do the following;

      • For Negotiable pricing – Simply tap the price box and enter a new price.

      • For Hourly Rate pricing – Tap the Hours to Fix box, enter new total hours (numeric), this will automatically update the total price.  

    • Tap the Send Payment request to Customer for Payment green button.  Your payment request is sent to the customer and money will be on the way soon!




  • Do you ever deny people access after they’ve submitted a request to become a Service Provider?

    • At times, yes.  It's important that ALL details inputed during registration are accurate.  Registrations are often denied as a result of an incorrect phone number and/or address.  InstantHandz reserves the right to deny applications.  Please refer to Terms and Conditions for further details.


  • If I need to check on the status of my InstantHandz Provider account registration who can I contact?

    • Typical approvals are handled within 24 hours.  If you have not received a response within that timeframe email .


  • Why do you take 15% of each job completed by InstantHandz providers?

    • It is our goal to provide the best and most seamless application for InstantHandz Providers to earn extra cash and for customers to find help affordable on-demand help within their neighborhoods.  To do this, we incur costs in the forms of Development, Marketing, Advertising, Credit-card fees, and more. Our goal is to deliver the best platform that connects you with many customers to help deliver superior service.  Comparatively, the fees that we charge are much less than many other alternatives.  


  • Do you offer other fee plans other than 15%

    • No.  


  • Can I post reviews of customers?

    • Yes. Completing a Customer review is the best way to inform InstantHandz and others of your experience, and a great way to help that same customer in the future. Go to your Menu screen, tap Write a Review, tap the link to the Job details and write the review.


  • Can I message customer whenever I want?

    • No.  InstantHandz is designed to let you engage with customers via in-app messaging after accepting the Booking and through the completion of each job.

  • When will I receive notifications from the Customer.

    • InstantHandz Providers receive in-app notifications for the following;

      • Booking Request

      • Customer Payment

      • Customer Messages

      • Reviews posted about you. 


  • What format does my password need to be?

    • Password must be of Six or More Characters, Password should contain One Alpha, One Uppercase, One Numeric, One Special Character.


  • How do I receive app notifications?

    • Within the Menu, select Notifications, tap the grey button which will turn green indicating that Notifications are turned on.


  • Can customers send me more pictures via in-app messaging? 

    • Yes. We understand that one picture may not be enough for you to see the full picture of the work needed to be done. In-app messaging let’s you and the customer share pictures by simply clicking on the attach file icon within the chat.

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