InstantHandz Provider Spotlight:  Austin F.  


Known to us as the "First InstantHandz Provider",  Senior Airman (SrA) Austin Fogle of the USAF joined InstantHandz as a Provider to earn a little extra income for his family and future family. In his own words, “ I like to practice and further develop my skills to serve our community. It’s rewarding to see my neighbors’ lives made easier each time I step up to a new challenge.”


SrA Fogle has helped local families with yard work, trampoline builds, and even some plumbing, remodeling, and simple electrical repairs. While he continues to hone his leadership skills in the Air Force, he is also considering augmenting this experience with a master’s level graduate program in the near future. With his integrity, kind heart, and humble dedication to others as his guides, we know he will always find success. 

InstantHandz Vitals

Profile Name: FriendlyAthlete

Work Type: Yardwork, Extra Muscle, Furniture Assembly, Misc Tasks

Location: Glendale, AZ 

Avg Rating:  

Customer Review: 

"This young man is a rockstar!! Not only did he show up ready to put in some work! He is incredibly bright and super helpful! Him and the team he worked with went above and beyond to accomplish their task and then some!! 10 stars from me!!"  - Elisha T