No one defending our country should struggle to put food on the table, no family should struggle to get the help they need...

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Approximately 20 percent of food-insecure households include someone with either past or present military service. The InstantHandz - Neighbors in Need program gives you the opportunity to provide basic task support to local Veterans and military families in need. Work is provided at no charge to Veterans by providers skilled in painting, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, and other services. We see this as a dual mission, two sides of the community in need of assistance.



Food Insecurity Rate Higher Than Civilian National Average

"5% of active-duty spouses report using a food pantry in the previous 12 months."

To truly make an impact on this overwhelming need for help, it will take a community to support this great need. Purchase an InstantHandz Challenge Coin to help fund this initiative to help families in need.

How it works

We receive numerous requests monthly from veteran/military families who lack funds yet need help with simple household tasks like yard work, simple handyman work, house cleaning, or they just need some extra muscle to move furniture.  

How we help

We connect the veteran/military family in need with a vetted member of our InstantHandz Provider network who is also a veteran or active military.  The Provider completes the work and InstantHandz pays the Provider, covering the cost for the family in need. 

How You Can Help 

The InstantHandz® Challenge Coin

History of the InstantHandz® Challenge Coin

The InstantHandz Challenge Coin was Designed by US Air Force Airman, TSgt Zack Buzard. Buzard has a knack for business, a love of custom fabrication work, and a heart of gold. Previously in charge of creating custom going away gifts and plaques for his fellow airmen as a token of appreciation, Zack decided to take this hobby and turn it into something bigger.


After perfecting his craft using only his hands, limited tools, and recycled materials - he decided to invest in a state-of-the-art Metal Plasma cutting table. And with that, his first company DB Metal Marvels was born. Zack has since designed symbolic patches and coins for Generals, two CMSAFs, and the official graduate coin for the US Space Force.

Zack just celebrated 9 years of Air Force service. His dad, a Vietnam veteran pilot, passed in 2016 but is still his #1 Hero.  His dad’s quote “Give 100%, 100% of the time”.  Zack learned to balance that with family and work, trying his best to be fully present whenever he’s home. He recognizes that his wife has been the #1 support of his life, now and throughout his entire career.

Zack designed the InstantHandz Challenge Coin, which is used as a token of gratitude to those that support the Neighbors in Need Program.

Thank you TSgt Zack Buzard! 

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