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Customer Sign-up


To make signing-up easy for all users, Customers and InstantHandz Providers, InstantHandz provides multiple ways to sign-up.

  • Your Google account

  • Your Facebook account

  • Sign-up new

  • (Using your Google or Facebook accounts allows you to safely sign-up with a login and password you’re already familiar.)


Multi-factor authentication

  • For a seamless and secure login, InstantHandz will confirm that you are who you are via your Google or Facebook credentials. We will also confirm your identity via One Time Passcode(OTP). OTP Verification verifies your Email Address/Mobile Number by sending verification code(OTP) during registration.


Forgot Password After Sign-up

  • A link is provided to allow you to reset your password via email.  Please make sure your email within your account is current and up to date.  If you have not received the password reset within 10 minutes, please check your spam folder. If this does not work, email .


After you’ve completed your sign-up it’s time to complete your Customer Profile.

  • You’ll be prompted immediately to complete your profile.

    • Verify accuracy or enter cellular phone number. Cell phone number must be accurate to receive text OTP passcode verification via text message. 

    • Verify accuracy or email address. Email address must be accurate to receive email OTP passcode email verification.

    • Password – enter new, keep existing, or edit your password. (Password must be Six or More Characters, Password should contain One Alpha, One Uppercase, One Numeric, One Special Character.)

    • Service Area

      • You can choose how far out you’d like to view help within your area, between 1-50 miles. Starting with a larger service area will return more InstantHandz Providers and is suggested as you get started.

    • ‘Find My Location’ – Enabling find my location will allow Service Providers to find you quickly, providing directions to where you need help. (Note: InstantHandz Providers cannot see your location until after you have booked a job. Only use Find my location when Service Location is the same as ‘Service Location”.)

    •  Service Location  - Your Service Location is the location where you need help and will default to ‘Find My Location’ unless edited. Examples of when you need to edit Service Location:  If you book a job for someone other than yourself, like your parents who live in another state and you want to find someone in their neighborhood to help them… InstantHandz allows you to do that for them by simply editing your ‘Service Location’. 

      • Editing Service Location – Simply tap the pencil icon and a live Google map opens. At the top of the map enter new address, any combination of City, State, Zip Code or Physical address. Select the new geo located address toward the bottom of the screen.

      • After you edit the Service Location and hit Submit on your Profile Screen a Map Home Page will open showing a map view of Service Providers with your Service Location.  The map view can be switched to ‘List View’ if you’d rather view a list of Service Providers instead of a map.


  • Search for an InstantHandz Provider in your Service Area

    • In ‘Map View’ search box, Enter the one of the following services you need help with;

      • Yard Work

      • House Cleaning

      • Hauling

      • Demolition Service

      • Handy Handz

      • Vehicle Cleaning

      • House Sitting

      • House Painter

      • Just Need Quick Muscle

    • A map view of Service Providers matching your service of need will populate allowing you to review each Profile that includes Photos, Availability, Hourly or Negotiable Rate, Services Offered, and Customer Reviews.

    • Before you book the InstantHandz Provider - Some Service Providers offer two rates; Hourly Rate or Negotiable. 

      • Negotiable allows you to negotiate a price with your Service Provider. Simply Click the Negotiable button and it will turn from gray to green. (not all Service Providers will have the negotiable option available). During the Booking process, you’ll be able to enter the price for the entire job you want to pay.





  • When you find a Service Provider who matches your criteria tap Book InstantHandz Provider 

    • Booking InstantHandz Provider

      • Upload a picture of what you need help with using your device’s camera or photo gallery.  This gives your Service Provider an idea of the time needed to help you.

      • Detailed Description of Work needed Done – Enter as much detail as you can to give your InstantHandz Provider a clear idea what you need help with.

      • When I Need InstantHandz – This is the where you inform your Service Provider when you’ll need help. Two options are provided, Immediately or Book for Later.

      • Estimated Hours You Need InstantHandz – For most people it’s a guess, but providing your InstantHandz Provider with an estimated time tells the InstantHandz Provider how long you’re available and how much time they need to slot.

      • Price –

        • If Negotiable rate was selected, enter the total price after ‘Make an Offer – Total Price for job’. Only include numerical values in this section. Then tap submit and your booking request is sent to the InstantHandz Provider

        • If Hourly Rate was elected, simply tap submit and your booking request is sent to the InstantHandz Provider.


  • After submitting Booking request to Service Provider, a message will appear indicating, ‘Congratulations, InstantHandz Booked Successfully!  You Will receive a notification soon.’

  • Service Provider can either accept or deny your request.  If the InstantHandz Provider declines your negotiable rate a message will be sent to you informing you that the Booking has been declined and the reason why.


  • InstantHandz Provider accepts Booking  

    • You will receive in-app notifications informing you that your Booking has been accepted by the InstantHandz Provider

    • Within the ‘Booking History’ section of your menu, your Current History section will show you the progress of your job. Note: For each Booking status update, you will receive in-app notifications informing you of the status;

      • Booked

      • Accepted

      • Started

      • Completed

      • Payment

    • Once the InstantHandz Provider starts your job, in your Booking History, you can Track Your Providers location, which lets you know how soon they’ll arrive at your Service Location.

    • Job Complete and Payment – When your InstantHandz Provider completes the job you will receive an in-app notification stating that ‘Service Provider Name has requested payment’.  Clicking on the notification will take you to a detailed description of the job and Total Payment amount requested.  If all looks ok simply tap Payment.  This is where you enter your credit-card details.  After tapping OK, your payment is sent to the InstantHandz Provider and the entire Booking is completed. (note: If InstantHandz Provider mistakenly entered the wrong payment amount, visit your Booking History, Current History, tap the current Booking which will take you to the Booking Details for that job, tap the top right Message icon, Message the InstantHandz Provider to inform them of this error and they will edit and resubmit with correct price.)

    • Posting Reviews – After your job is completed, you have 14 days to provide honest feedback regarding your experience.  Within your Menu, tap the Write a Review link, click on the link to take you to the booking.  We encourage both Customers and InstantHandz Providers to write reviews as this will better the experience for all and help your neighbors make informed decisions.





  • How are Hourly Rates calculated?

    • Each InstantHandz Provider is responsible for determining their own hourly rates and negotiable pricing.  InstantHandz has no influence relative to InstantHandz Provider pricing. We ask that each InstantHandz Provider provide fair, affordable pricing as they are ultimately helping their neighbors.


  • Pricing and Disputes

    • We encourage you to work directly with your InstantHandz Provider to resolve disputes.  InstantHandz does not control pricing or negotiated terms between Customer and InstantHandz Provider. Please email us your feedback to  


  • In-app Messaging

    • Can I message an InstantHandz Provider before I book a job?

      • No. In-app messaging between Customer and InstantHandz Provider is available after job has been booked and until the completion of the job/booking.



  • Do you have a Web-based version of the app?

    • No. To maintain high quality standard of our on-demand (mobile) community and map integrations, we’ve chosen to make the application available to only iPhone and Android users only.


  • For Customers, does InstantHandz retain credit-card details within my profile?

    • No.  To make the customer experience easy and seamless for customers from sign up-up to job booking, we only ask for payment details once the work is done. We do not retain credit-card details on your account. 


  • How can I easily find the previous InstantHandz Provider I used and want to use again?

    • You can ‘Favorite’ InstantHandz Providers.  Within the InstantHandz Provider profile screen, click on the heart on the top right section of the screen. The heart should change from white to green.  The InstantHandz Provider will now be in your Favorites List located in the menu section.


  • Why do InstantHandz Providers review customers?

    • To make the experience great for ALL, we allow both InstantHandz Providers and Customers the ability to review each other.


  • Location Services - Can an InstantHandz Provider see my location after a job is completed?

    • No.  Once your job is completed and payment has been made the InstantHandz Provider cannot see your location. 


  • How long does a Service Provider have to accept my job?

    • If customer needs immediate help, the InstantHandz Provider has up to 25 minutes to accept the job.

    • If the customer booked the job for a future date; the InstantHandz Provider has until the day and time of requested work to accept. (Note: if for some reason the InstantHandz Provider is non-responsive, customer can cancel the Booking request).


  • Can customers cancel a job request before the InstantHandz Provider accepts the booking?

    • Yes, from the Menu select Booking History, Current History, and tap the Cancel button.


  • Are there cancellation fees or penalties for cancelling a Booking?

    • InstantHandz does not control fees, including cancellation fees.  Any fees are determined by-and-between InstantHandz Provider and Customer. Refer to InstantHandz Provider profile and/or message your InstantHandz Provider to ask about additional fees.


  • Can a customer be an InstantHandz Provider and can I use my same credentials?

    • Yes, customers can be InstantHandz Providers.  Simply log-out of your Customer account and sign-up as a Service Provider.  The system will recognize your previous user name and ask if you’d like to sign up using the same credentials. You will go through the normal Service Provider approval process. 


  • What format does my password need to be?

    • Password must be Six or More Characters, Password should contain One Alpha, One Uppercase, One Numeric, One Special Character.


  • How do I report a bad experience to InstantHandz?

    • Completing a review of the InstantHandz Provider is the best way to inform InstantHandz and others of your experience.

    • If you did not have a job completed but had a problem attempting to book an InstantHandz Provider, email


  • How do I receive app notifications?

    • Within the Menu section, select Notifications, tap the gray button which will turn green indicating that Notifications are turned on. 

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