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About Us 

InstantHandz was founded with the goal of bringing neighbors together to help one another with small jobs in-and-around the home.


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 at Neighborly Rates,On-Demand  

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Why InstantHandz...

InstantHandz was conceived from personal stories of needing help when help wasn’t around, and if it was, it was too expensive. I am very familiar with an often forgotten demographic, families who have little resources, no support within their community, and little-to-no disposable income. Growing up, I was part of this demographic, raised by a single parent who often worked two jobs to raise four children. I can recall washing clothes in the sink because we couldn’t afford to fix our broken washing machine.  If our water heater went out, we went without hot water.  

Many of us have similar stories... 

As an adult, I realized that many more families within vast demographics have been forgotten. Families share similar needs, some may have a bit more money, but no matter the demographic, the requests for simple help are not being served. We discovered that there were many families just like ours.  We heard stories of elderly parents living out of state needing help shoveling snow during the winter or raking leaves during the fall. We were told over and over again,"It would be nice to find quick affordable help in my neighborhood."  This is why we created InstantHandz, to help neighborhoods throughout the world find Trusted, Affordable, On-Demand Help.

Our Mission

We are committed to reconnecting neighborhoods all over the world by providing a seamless platform that connects neighbors with neighbors to Find and Pay for Trusted, Affordable, Help and also provide neighbors a way to earn an extra buck.  


We’ve set out to reconnect neighborhoods across the world through the InstantHandz community.


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